Personalized Electric Vehicle Buying Advice

Veljko, Houston TX,

I've been researching EV's for a bit and was about the make a purchase when I found out about Jonathan helped me rationalize the process of selecting the best car for my specific driving needs and habits and provided great alternatives that I had not considered before. I highly recommend his service for anyone looking at alternative energy vehicles.

Having spoken with a independent and knowledgable consultant, you can buy (or lease), or even choose to wait a while longer for the next big thing, knowing that you've made a decision that is good for your family, good for your pocketbook, and good for the planet.

Elisa, San Francisco, CA
The specific and detailed information I got gave me the knowledge I needed to spot red flags and buy the best car for my budget.

Our $49 consultations begin with an in depth survey and conclude with a 30-minute phone discussion with one of our EV experts. Don't get caught with the wrong car for your needs. Buy with confidence.

1. Your Needs

Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Plug-In Purchase Advice and Personalized Buyers Guide Services

2. Cost Analysis

The first step in our consultation will be an assessment of your individual needs. You will complete an in depth survey assessing your driving habits, charger access, geographic location, budget, number of cars in household, frequency of long distance travel, and a variety of other factors important to your buying decision. This information is forwarded to one of our consultants who will evaluate your responses.

Tommy, Cupertino CA
After my conversation with Jonathan, I found that a plug in hybrid was a much better long term option for me. I now feel much more comfortable and assured with my new car purchase.

Schedule A Consultation

After completing your survey you will be contacted at your scheduled appointment time by one of our consultants. They will go over your survey responses, answer any questions you have and make vehicle recommendations based on your needs, budget, and specific preferences. 

Electric Car, Plug in Hybrid purchase assistance, buyers guide, financial analysis and consulting. We look at all EV's on the market, Tesla, Leaf, Chevy Bolt and Volt, BMW i3, Fiat 500e, and help you pick the best one for your needs.

3. Recommend

Monica, Santa Clara CA
My Prius was totaled in an accident and I needed a car ASAP. wanted an EV, but knew nothing about the different models. Jonathan helped me find the perfect car at an amazing price

Our service is designed to take the confusion out of the electric vehicle purchasing process and provide one on one advice that is tailored to your unique situation. We answer the tough questions like, should you lease or buy, do you need a warranty, how much range do you need, will you qualify for a tax credit, how much will it cost to install a charger in your home, what new technology is around the corner, which model is right for you? These are all questions that impact your decision. We provide you with personalized buying advice that could save you thousands, and help you confidently join the electric revolution. 

4. Drive Happy

With the abundance of financial incentives available, buying an electric vehicle can often save you quite a bit of money. We help you maximize this savings by discussing the specific state rebates, federal tax credit, charger installation credits, local incentives, sales tax write offs, leasing vs. buying, warranties, estimated resale value, and even future vehicles that may be worth the wait.

The EV Consultant